Using status2k across multiple servers

18 April 18

To run the multiservers you must have a copy of the multiservers folder which can be downloaded from the client area. From the admin you can add new multiservers by going to Config > Multi-Servers.

Display Name: Can be any name you want to call the server on the main page.

Host Address: This is the IP address of the remote server you want to monitor.

Services: The services is a bit tricky but we are working on improving it, to add services they must be added in the following format NAME:PORT|NAME:PORT the name being the name of the service eg.. HTTP, FTP, POP3, MySQL and the port being the port of that service. The most common layout for this is “HTTP:80|FTP:21|MYSQL:3306″.

Status2k URL: If you have Status2k installed on the remote server you can enter a URL to it here.

URL To multiserv.php On Remote Server: As of v2.4.1 multiserv.php is now named index.php!! This is the url to the multiservers folder you downloaded from the client area, remember to include the full path to the index.php file: e.g…

Status2K Support

This is the support section for the Status2K server statistics dashboard script.


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