Status2k system requirements

18 April 18

General Requirements

ionCube (Status2k is packaged with the latest IonCube Loader files).

GD & TrueType Fonts (Required for dynamic images & graphs).

CURL (Not required but recommended for faster multiserver fetching).

PHP 4.3.2+ (Status2k is fully compatible with PHP 5.0+).

MySQL 4.0+ (Currently no other database system is supported).

Linux Requirements

Open Base_Dir = Disabled.

Shell_Exec = Enabled.

Windows Requirement

Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008. WMI = Enabled.

If you are not sure that the script will run on your server please download our checker file from:

Status2K Support

This is the support section for the Status2K server statistics dashboard script.


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