Server Statistics Dashboard

Easily monitor and display your server statistics. Hundreds of hosting companies are using Status2K.

Statistics update live in real time

No need to refresh the statistics update live.


Server health summarised on one screen.

Let your customers see instantly how your servers are loaded.

One Licence for all your servers

Status2K Server Dashboard

Status2K is a self-hosted server statistics dashboard that gives you a quick overview of your server farm. You can monitor the performance on any device, even on your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle.

One Licence for all your servers

Hundreds of hosting companies are using Status2K to easily monitor- and display their server statistics. Unlike competitors, status2K is quick to install, and charges only one small licence fee. This is a unique advantage if you have multiple servers.

Collect Statistics History

Status2k has a secure admin section where you can view bandwidth, cpu and memory graphs. It monitors your incoming and outgoing bandwidth, as well as the hourly average transfer rate (both in- and out).

Gain Insight Into Your Performance

  • view graphs of bandwidth, cpu and memory
  • monitor your incoming and outgoing bandwidth
  • monitor hourly average transfer rate (both in- and out)
  • view the histories of the statistics
  • customize the monitoring to fit your needs


Excellent script, shows very detailed information about your server in a friendly interface. Recommended to anyone who wants to show customers live information about their server.

Daniel Grant

This is a very neat tool and has come in handy for our technical support when managing servers. I would suggest any VPS, or Dedicated owners to invest in this.

I recommend that you buy this piece of software. You will not regret it!

Sam Bates

Track the Performance of Your Servers

After a quick and easy install, you can monitor all the statistics of all your servers. The administration area shows detailed graphs of bandwidth, CPU, and memory use. It is state-of-the-art hosting tool that you can customize to fit your unique demands.